Augusta Fire Rescue

Outdoor Burning

Brushpiles, Incinerators + Burn Drums
-"Brush Pile" fires mean a fire no bigger than 10x10x10(LxWxH)
-“Burn Drum” an open top steel barrel similar in size to the common 45 gallon(208 Liter) drum that has an approximate dimensions of 35 inches tall and 25 inches in diameter. The only open side must be facing up, and must be totally covered by a heavy mesh screen with openings of not more than 7 mm (1/4 inch). There may be no more than 10 holes with a width of no more than 1 inch near the bottom of the incinerator for draft purposes.
-“Incinerator” means a closed container that does not exceed 1.5m(4.92ft) in Length, Width or Height. There may be one door for access on one side that securely latches closed while burning is taking place and has a chimney with a screen with openings of not more than 7 mm (1/4 inch).
-Brushpiles, Incinerators and Burn Drums must be at least 20m (65 ft.) from any building, hedge, fence, property line, overhead wiring, highway or other combustible material.
-No burning when the wind may cause the possible spread of the fire beyond the original site, a decrease in visability on any road, an adverse effect to any person
-Only Brushpile, Incinerator or Burn Drum may be burned at any time
-A competent person at least 18 years old must maintain watch over the fire at all times until it is totally extinguished.
-Prior to beinging an open burn you must ensure you have sufficient person, equipment and tools to control and/or extinguish the fire + must have a phone to immediatly call 911 in case of an emergency
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